Welcome to ICRA

The International Collegium of Rehabilitative Audiology (ICRA) provides an international forum for the exchange of the latest research and advances in Rehabilitative Audiology.

Auditory disorders, such as hearing loss or tinnitus, impact negatively on people’s lives. The goal of Rehabilitative Audiology is to promote, through new basic and applied scientific research, the reduction of these impacts on people. This science leads the development, evaluation, and implementation of new technological, behavioural, psychological and cognitive interventions for children and adults with hearing disorders of all kinds.

ICRA was founded in 1988 and its Fellows are researchers from around the world who focus their work on advancing assessment methods, technologies, management, counselling, and outcome measures. Their research covers all the effects that a hearing disorder can have on someone: function, activity, participation, and quality of life. The Fellows are elected on the basis of their scientific contributions to Rehabilitative Audiology.

ICRA holds conferences for its members every 2 years. The next meeting for ICRA Fellows and their guests is being organized by Dr. Brent Edwards and will be held October 7-10, 2015 in Berkeley CA.

ICRA is an affiliated society to the International Society of Audiology.